Wednesday, January 27, 2010

gradationnnn omgg

update update! hi world, i'm doing Howl's Moving Castle for my senior project. This painting doesn't look like it has anything to do with Howl or the Moving Castle. yes that's why i chose this scene. it's a one week assignment and i don't have time to design any characters and props, so might as well pick a scene were everything is made of illusions. so if anyone asks what this is about, i'll just say "no, it didn't really happen. it's only in your mind."

this scene is when Howl is fighting with the Witch of the Waste, with, like i said, illusions. so basically they are two clouds fighting in the sky, trying to fool each other with illusions they conjure up. even that boat is not real! so, am i real? is this blog real? are those gradation for realz?? it is a very dangerous world we live in my friends...

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